About Us

Rural LAP is a component of the Australian Government’s rural workforce capacity agenda. We provide targeted rural support services to general practitioners, specialists (obstetricians and anaesthetists), nurses and allied health professionals in rural and remote Australia.
  • Locum coverage for leave
  • For rural and remote health professionals (Click HERE for the full list of eligible health professions)
  • Federal Government Funded Scheme
  • No fees or charges
  • No premium wages charged for the locums
  • Locum travel, accommodation and incentives covered
  • Locum coverage for up to 14 working days for recreation or continuing professional development (CPD) leave and up to 28 working days for placements (categories 5-7) supporting recreation and CPD (noting that priority will be given to placements with a CPD component or located in MMM categories 6 and 7)
  • Locum cover for multiple staff can be arranged.
We will support and recruit suitable locums to enable rural professionals to get away on leave, and enable organisations to back-fill their positions to support ongoing service delivery.
Rural LAP employs the locum and the scheme supports all locum recruitment, travel and accommodation costs so there is no extra costs to your health service. We will then bill your health service for the pre-agreed base pay rate amount for the locum and associated expenses (10% superannuation and GST). This arrangement ensures there is minimal administrative burden to your service.
Applications to request a locum are now open and you can apply online HERE. Both individuals and organisations can apply for locum support.
Urban-based health professionals can also benefit from the Rural LAP, in particular those wishing to experience rural or remote practice by undertaking a locum placement. This opportunity offers great incentives for those health professionals interested in working as a locum in rural Australia. To apply to become a Rural LAP locum click HERE.

Our aims and objectives

With a focus on specialists (obstetricians and anaesthetists), procedural general practitioners (obstetrics and anaesthetics), nurses, midwives and allied health professionals, we aim to:
  • enhance their ability to take leave and undertake CPD activities.
  • improve their retention in rural Australia.
  • attract eligible nurses, midwives and allied health professionals who may otherwise leave, travel or retire, to stay in the health workforce as locums.
  • encourage their interest in rural and remote practice.
  • improve access for rural and remote communities to the medical services provided by these professionals. 
  • enhance the ability of metropolitan-based general practitioners (GPs) to up skill professional competencies in Emergency Medicine through established CPD programmes, so that they are better prepared to undertake rural locum work.
Rural LAP was established under a contract awarded by the Department of Health to Aspen Medical Pty Ltd in April 2016.

For more information about Aspen Medical visit www.aspenmedical.com.