Locum FAQs

What is Rural LAP Aged Care?

Rural LAP Aged Care is an extension of the existing Rural LAP, which is a component of the Australian Government’s rural workforce capacity agenda. Through Rural LAP Aged Care, we aim to provide targeted support services to eligible aged care providers in rural and remote Australia.

Rural LAP enables rural and remote aged care professionals to take leave by finding suitable locums to back-fill positions, ensuring ongoing service delivery. We recruit locums and cover the costs associated with their accommodation, travel, meals and daily allowances. This means aged care health services and practices only pay the base locum rate.

Which health disciplines can register for aged care locum work?

Rural LAP Aged Care supports locum requests for health disciplines including registered and enrolled nurses, residential aged care facility managers, allied health professionals, residential support workers, personal care workers, care coordinators and community support workers. See eligibility for a full list of professions.

Contact Rural LAP Aged Care for all the current locum vacancies. 

What skills and experience will I need to fill a Rural LAP Aged Care locum placement?

Rural LAP Aged Care will be seeking registered and enrolled nurses, and residential aged care facility managers with a range of skills, qualifications and experience in aged care to fill locum placements. All health professionals need to have current, unrestricted professional registration or credentialing in their field.

General requirements are listed on the eligibility page. Requirements for specific vacancies are included in the job listing.

What registration is required?

All aged care health professionals must be registered in Australia and your registration or credentialing must be valid throughout the period of your locum placement. See eligibility for more details. 

What are the eligibility criteria to become a Rural LAP Aged Care locum?

See eligibility for details for your profession.

How long are the locum placements?

Locum placements will span between 14 and 90 days to support eligible aged care providers in Modified Monash Model (MMM) categories 4 – 7, who may be experiencing high turnover or sudden departure of staff, those who require access to a temporary surge workforce while they recruit and/or attract permanent staff or in order to take leave and undertake continuing professional development (CPD) activities. 

Where will my placement be located?

Rural LAP Aged Care locum placements can be anywhere across rural and remote Australia.

How do I apply to become a Rural LAP Aged Care locum?

You can apply online through our Jobs List page, either for a specific vacancy or as an open application to become an active candidate on our database.

You can also request an application pack be mailed out to you if this is more convenient.

What allowances or incentives are associated with the program?

Rural LAP Aged Care locums will be eligible for a fixed travel and daily incentive allowances, regardless of location of locum placement.

Please contact Rural LAP for more information on these allowances.

What level of remuneration can I expect?

Each aged care provider requesting locum support will advise Rural LAP Aged Care of the proposed base rate, and this will vary depending on the location. There are no set pay rates per locum assignment. The health professional will be advised of the rates applicable to the location seeking the services. As a minimum, you will be paid any applicable award rate.

Will Rural LAP Aged Care cover my travel costs?

Yes, we will arrange travel from your point of origin to the assignment site, and return. Travel will be arranged from the nearest major airport, and we ask individual’s to arrange travel from their home to the airport.

Who will arrange my accommodation?

We will arrange and book suitable accommodation for you at your placement site for the duration of your locum assignment.