Aged care FAQs

What is Rural LAP Aged Care?

The Rural LAP Aged Care is an extension of the existing Rural LAP, which is a component of the Australian Government’s rural workforce capacity agenda. Through Rural LAP Aged Care, we aim to provide targeted support services to eligible aged care providers in rural and remote Australia.

Rural LAP Aged Care is focused on supporting aged care facilities by enabling rural and remote aged care professionals to take leave. We find suitable locums to back-fill positions, ensuring ongoing service delivery for those in your care. Rural LAP Aged Care recruits locums and covers the associated costs of the their accommodation, travel and daily allowances. This means health services and practices only pay the base locum rate.

Who is eligible to receive aged care locum support?

Eligibility and selection criteria are aligned with the aims and objectives of Rural LAP Aged Care. Eligible individuals, sole and self-employed practitioners, and organisations can all apply for locum support.

See the client eligibility page for more details.

How can I apply for aged care locum support?

Eligible health professionals and organisations can request locum support via the online application form. Applications must be supported by a person with authority to approve a locum placement in your service/practice. Self-employed health professionals are eligible to apply. Need a hardcopy form? Simply contact Rural LAP Aged Care to request one.

When are applications for aged care locum support accepted?

A minimum of two weeks’ notice is required for requests for locum aged care support. Short notice requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact Rural LAP Aged Care as soon as possible for any short notice requests.

When will I be notified if my request for aged care locum support is successful?

We’ll advise you of the outcome of your application in writing as soon as possible.