Greta Webb on behalf of Roslyn Baartz

Remote Area Nurse

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and NAHRLS for the opportunity to work here in beautiful Lombadina.

The KPHU team, managed by Monica Frain, are a very dynamic and educated group. The induction was thorough and enjoyable, loads of information in a day let alone two days, from the immunisation nurse educator to the RHD team, the mental health team and the admin MMEX training, all completed and sorted.

It was the most intense and thorough education I have received from a management perspective in my many years of being a RAN.

The Lombadina and Djarindjin communities lie side by side, both dynamic working Aboriginal Communities, beautiful land, beautiful people, with the coastal beaches amongst the most amazing I have witnessed anywhere in the country.

Pristine blue waters wash up on the whitest of beaches, abundant with exotic shells and coral, the ocean surrounding rich in sea life world famous for fishing and the Archipaeligo.
The clinic staff equally as amazing; DeeDee, the Aboriginal Health Worker, who has been a remote area manager, and everything else in-between (how fortunate that she has decided to work and live here in amongst her extended family), I must admit it has been a privilege to work with her these past few weeks. We have been educated and nurtured by her.

Again, how fortunate we are to work with the equally amazing Pipi, the admin/receptionist who knows everyone and everything about everyone, again how fortunate we are.

The community here have welcomed us and we are honoured to have had this opportunity.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Monica and KPHU for the opportunity and to NAHRLS and Brayden.
Lastly, and most importantly, to all of the Lombadina/Djarindjin people, it has been a privilege and a pleasure.
Thank you.
Greta Webb (RAN) on behalf of Roslyn Baartz (RAN) for NAHRLS.