Kicking sugar to the curb for febfast

When I decided to quit sugar (and alcohol) for a month to lose weight and tone up, I realised it is in almost everything! Reading nutrition labels became second nature, and I was honestly shocked to know how many products have loads of added sugar. 


The challenge for me was cutting out store-bought sauces as they are often high in added sugar. So, as part of my sugar-free meal plan, I decided to make my sauces which I now incorporate into my daily routine as it is a much healthier option. 


As a rule of thumb, carbs were still on the menu so long as they had no added or processed sugar. So, pasta, bread and fruit were on my menu while I kicked sugar to the curb. 


A word of warning to those that embark on a sugar-free journey, you may get headaches but if symptoms persist, see your doctor.


I began my healthy eating journey some time ago. But I must say, I love eating whole foods. If you decide to join my journey, these tips will help you kick sugar to the curb:


  • Take it slowly – do not cut out every single thing that has sugar.
  • Read labels – start to get your head around what products are high and low in sugar.
  • Focus on whole foods – eating whole foods is a great way to train your body to eat less sugary foods.
  • Don’t drink sugar – make water your source of hydration. 
  • Plan your meals – prep for the week ahead.