Making it possible for me to explore and work in different parts of Australia

Liam Correy - Registered Nurse

Originally from Hobart in Tasmania, I relocated a few years ago to live and work in regional WA.

I am a registered nurse with seven years experience in emergency, remote area, critical care/high dependency, neurosurgical ward and theatre.

When I first read about the Rural Locum Assistance Program (Rural LAP) I thought it was way beyond my level of experience. A nurse I met at a training course recommended that I apply anyway so I did! The program offers were very appealing but I chose Rural LAP because I couldn’t imagine being presented a better opportunity to work as a nurse in Australia. Travelling for work can be expensive, especially when I’m living between Tasmania and North West WA. To find an organisation that recognises this as a barrier and provides full support for travel to each workplace is a dream come true.

Having an organisation like Rural LAP makes it possible for me to explore and work in different parts of Australia while maintaining my regular work.

I am incredibly thankful these opportunities exist. Rural LAP has given me a greater awareness and perspective on the great opportunities I have close to home and around Australia. I was extremely impressed by how seamless and efficient the Rural LAP recruitment process was from application to completing my first placement. I even got paid on time!

My first placement was at Yorketown Hospital, South Australia. I travelled with my surfboard just in case and was lucky enough to get some waves on my days off. It felt like a real working adventure! Thanks to some guidance from the nurses at work, I was able to get to a couple of really beautiful surf breaks on my days off.

For the first time in my nursing career I have felt truly valued and looked after instead of just being a replaceable number. The living away from home and meals allowance really added to the experience. The positive and responsive communication from the program officers have been exceptional. The staff members at Yorketown Hospital were extremely friendly and hospitable. I was stoked to find that a real country charm still exists in some parts of Australia.

I’ll be jumping at any opportunity that comes up to work for Rura LAP again in the future.

Since writing this article, Liam has gone on to complete a eight placements in various locations around Australia.