My daunting carb-free challenge

Before I started febfast, my average workday consisted of bread and bickies. I LOVE carbs, especially a delicious sandwich made with freshly baked sourdough bread (insert picture of Homer Simpson drooling here)! As I begin to fade over the day, my snacky receptors would start firing, and I immediately reach for that afternoon bicky. My ultimate weakness is a Tim Tam.
At home, my diet was predominantly rice, pasta, potatoes or fast food. I realise now that I never had a carb-free dinner. And I mean NEVER! So the thought of going carb-free for a month was scary. How do I even begin? Better yet, how do I convince my family this is a good idea?! 
What I'm giving up Making healthier choices Making healthier choices
Nevertheless, I joined febfast and committed to cutting the carbs. How hard could it be, right? WRONG! Here is a fun fact for everyone reading this: almost everything has carbs. A fat coke has a whopping 40g of carbs! But what is the point in skinny coke? So I now drink water only. 
Day one was not a good start for me. I was blind-sighted by the loss of our family dog, so when hubby brought burgers home from KFC, admittedly I indulged. Twelve days on, I feel I have been 75% successful in cutting out processed carbs, including bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. I snack on fruit rather than sweets, chips and biscuits. My lunch today was a big bowl of tuna salad. 
Every day is a challenge, especially when my team leaves cake in the kitchen for everyone to enjoy! Some hard workdays made the temptation too hard to resist. Overall though, I am making healthier choices for a good cause. I can do this!