NAHRLS achieves 500th placement for a Remote Area Nurse in Ramingining NT

The Nursing and Allied Health Rural Locum Scheme (NAHRLS) achieved its 500th placement for a Remote Area Nurse in Ramingining, NT on Monday, 9 July 2012.

The NAHRLS team placed Jacinta MacCormack at Ramingining and said it was a pleasure working with Top End Remote Health on their placement needs. Both NAHRLS and Top End Remote Health appreciated Jacinta for taking the time to assist Ramingining while their staff were away. Jacinta completed her placement with NAHRLS on Monday 23 July 2012 and says:

“Ramingining staff were very helpful, friendly and accommodating that I had no hesitation in asking questions. They made me feel welcome and part of the team even though I was only there for a short time.

“The best part of the placement at Ramingining was being back in the red dirt, being in the community, meeting different indigenous people and learning from them.

“I feel very lucky that my permanent position at the Eastern Health Hospital in Melbourne allows me to take leave to do NAHRLS placements. They are supportive and accommodating and consider it Professional Development.”

General Manager Mark Ellis says this marks another great achievement for NAHRLS:

“In just over one year of operation we have achieved 500 placements for locums which shows that the knowledge of our ability to meet the needs of Nurses and Allied Health professionals in rural and remote Australia continues to grow.

We are privileged to have a great working relationship with NT Health and continue to support Top End Remote Health with their short term placement needs.”

In our first year of operation the NAHRLS team has placed over 160 health professionals in Top End Remote Health and coordinates regularly with Noela Davies Nurse Co-ordinator – Operations on locum requests. Noela states:

“Top End Remote Health has a great working relationship with NAHRLS for short-term nursing placements which we utilise for back filling our Remote Area Nurses whilst they undertake education away from the community.

“The relationship is collegial and transparent, within a constructive and professional process.

“NAHRLS nurses must be able to hit the ground running upon arrival in community, with the experience and skills to commence work immediately. Provision of high standard, safe health care is paramount to working in remote communities.

“Also, we are careful to place NARHLS nurses in a position and situation that they are suited to, as we want them to have a good experience as well.”

NAHRLS has seen a great response to our service and the opportunity it presents. Health services in rural and remote Australia are using NAHRLS to provide assistance with Locum support and are satisfied with NAHRLS’ commitment to ongoing service delivery and professionalism.

NT Department of Health, Top End Remote Health, Acting General Manager Rhonda Powell, says:

“We are very satisfied with the service NAHRLS provides, it’s a good working relationship and they meet our requirements, which can be quite specific at times, depending on the community.

“We know the nurses will have the remote experience and the professional skills to fill in for our staff, and NAHRLS is always able to find an appropriate person, even with short notice.”

NAHRLS recruits Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health professionals with a range of skills, qualifications and experience to fill NAHRLS locum placements. These placements are up to 14 days and include a daily fixed meal allowance and a daily incentive allowance. Health Services benefit from highly skilled and credentialed health professionals with no administrative or agency fees associated with the locum placement. The only cost to the health service is the base rate of pay (plus superannuation and GST).

NAHRLS continues to support health services in rural and remote regions around Australia and helps these organisations by saving on expensive agency fees and reducing the administrative burden in engaging health professionals for short periods of time.

For further information please contact:

Jamie Teresa Smith

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