NAHRLS placed 471 Health Workers last financial year!

Health services and health professionals continue to benefit from the NAHRLS programme with 471 placements completed at the end of the financial year. This means that:

  • health professionals are able to get away for training and leave;
  • locums experience different communities around Australia; and
  • health services retain adequate numbers while their staff are away on leave.
Health services using the NAHRLS programme said “it is a fantastic scheme” that “meets a real need” and are pleased with the calibre of health professionals that are placed in their organisation.
Our locums also love the opportunity to travel to different rural and remote areas and experience their culture and community. Meeting new and exciting people in other communities is just one of the common feedback responses received from our locums.
NAHRLS welcome your feedback so please tell us about your NAHRLS experience! Your experience will be published in our newsletter and posted onto the NAHRLS webpage to let all of your colleagues know the value of working within rural and remote communities and supporting health services within these communities.
We had great interest in the NAHRLS programme at the GPCE Conference in Sydney with 40 delegates signing up for more information and monthly updates. Jamie Smith and Brayden Abbott represented the NAHRLS team at the conference and said they met some wonderful Practice Nurses and General Practitioners who thought the programme would be a great benefit to their practice.
I had the pleasure of meeting one of our clients, Lismore optometrist Adam Kelly, at the Southern Regional Congress, Australia’s largest Optometry Conference held in Melbourne. Adam has utilised the NAHRLS programme on numerous occasions and particularly praised the calibre of the Optometry Locum we recently placed at his practice. Adam’s experience with NAHRLS was featured in a recent article in the Australian Optometry magazine. Read this article here.
RCNA held a great National Conference in Cairns which gave us the opportunity to meet remarkable nurses and enjoy wide discussions about how we can help fill nursing posts in rural and remote areas around Australia while nurses in these health services take leave.
On a recent client visit, Mara Elshearif and I had the great pleasure of meeting our locums on placements near Alice Springs. We enjoyed a great evening catching up with our locums and hearing feedback on their experiences with the NAHRLS programme.
Overall, the NAHRLS team had a great experience meeting health professionals new to the programme and our locums and clients who continue to support NAHRLS. On behalf of the NAHRLS team, I would like to thank our clients and locums for their continued support and allowing NAHRLS to provide locum support while staff are away on leave.
There are a number of conferences and events coming up in the new financial year and, with health professionals taking leave for these important events, it is vital to consider staff requirements when you or your staff take leave. Get your locum request applications in early so that your health service does not miss out! 
In July NAHRLS will be attending the RCNA Nursing and Health Expo which will be held in Melbourne on Sunday 8 July 2012 and the RCNA Nursing and Health Expo in Hobart on Sunday 15 July. We will also be exhibiting at the Physiotherapy Conference in Adelaide from Thursday 19 July to Saturday 21 July.
We hope to see you all there!
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Mark Ellis
General Manager