Taking it day by day

As a fulltime working mum of two young boys aged eight years and 11 months, my days get quite hectic as you can imagine! My workdays begin with preparing lunches for my family, often forgetting my own in the process. My desk draws filled with quick and easy go-to lunches, including microwave meals and two-minute noodles for those forgetful days. Unappetising, to say the least. And so the craving for fast food begins!
Forgetting to pack a decent lunch often leads to a 2 pm stomach grumble as starvation kicks in. By this point, I am without inhibition as I look to fast food to fill the void. As the weekend rolls in, my motivation rolls out! So the cycle continues, and I find myself ordering fast food delivered to my door. 
Alas, my addiction to fast food must come to an end! So, this month I am committed to giving up fast food for febfast. Not only that, I am committed to making healthier dinner choices for my family.
Jade's journey to a healthy diet - muesli!  Jade's two young boys - Max and Mason  Jade's journey to a healthy diet - Stir-fry!
On day one of febfast, I passed on the offer of my favourite fast food - Maccas! Five days and several temptations in and I am happy to report that I have held out strong. 
The week ahead will be our third week of eating healthy, home-cooked dinners as a family. Truth be told we have never enjoyed dinner as much as we are now. What a difference it makes when you swap packet or jar ingredients for fresh produce! Why had I not tried this style of cooking sooner?!
I am going strong and believe that I will achieve my febfast goal, taking it day by day! Thank you for all your support so far – Jade.

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